Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

I was away over the weekend with a big group of people from my church. It was great fun, especially as the weather here in Hampshire was so good – lots of sunshine and at least 20 degrees C. I played football for the first time in ages, spent time with lots of good friends and also made some new friends. I met people who had entertaining driving-related stories from the Middle East, sad economic news from eastern Europe and who felt cold in 20+ deg C sunshine due to growing up in very hot climes. It was really interesting to meet folks from such varied places.

Being quite a strong introvert, I often find being around lots of people hard work and, sure enough, I was pretty tired by Sunday afternoon. But it was all good and the people I met were great. It's so refreshing to get out of the usual routines for a bit and just relax with people without feeling you have to rush off anywhere else. And I also went out on Friday evening with some friends, a few of whom I hadn't seen for far too long! Then I had some people round for dinner yesterday and I met up with a more distant friend this morning as he's on holiday in the New Forest with his family. Unusually for me, I've been a proper socialite over the last few days! No fresh mango juice or shoals of goldfish though...

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  1. And where was me thinking this post was about the newly announced series ten of Red Dwarf....