Saturday, 23 April 2011

The drive home

I was out today at a little family get-together where my uncles live in Hertfordshire. Everyone had a good time, I think, even though the draught Aspall's cider had run out. My parents both love the stuff!

What I really wanted to write about, though, was my drive home earlier this evening. I started with Radio Five Live, to catch up on the afternoon's football scores (go Saints! Go Liverpool!) and then put on one of my favourite albums, Year of Meteors by Laura Veirs. You can listen to samples of all the tracks at Amazon if you like, and here's a live performance of 'Where Gravity is Dead'.

I'd not listened to Year of Meteors for a few weeks and I think that made it sound somehow even better than usual this time! And the weather while I was driving down the M3 was just stunning; a spectacular combination of clouds, sun and rain, producing a beautiful rainbow behind me for several minutes. It was all strangely elating, like a glimpse of heaven. Almost perfect music to accompany an almost perfect visual scene.

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