Sunday, 30 January 2011

I hate those 'What Would Jesus Do?' wristbands

Okay, I don't hate them but I do think they are asking the wrong question. I've thought this before but was reminded of it this morning by the lady who was speaking at our church meeting (thanks, if you're reading this!) about the fruit of the Spirit. One of her main points was that we can't make good fruit happen; we can't force ourselves to be loving, patient, kind, peaceful and so on. What we've got to do is let God have access to our entire life and transform us into people who are naturally loving, patient etc.

So 'What Would Jesus Do?' is not enough. It's no good asking that question when crisis or temptation strikes; it's likely to be too late by then. Instead, we must give God access to every aspect of our being and submit to his lordship. His ways, not our ways. Or rather, our ways becoming his ways. Then we will find ourselves more often choosing the godly way in any given situation, or as Jesus put it, 'A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart'. I blogged about this process last month so, rather than me repeating myself, have a read.

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