Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spurs for the title (and other Premier League 2013-14 predictions)

The new Premier League season starts in bang on an hour's time (as I type this) so I thought I'd post some quick predictions.  Feel free to agree, disagree, laugh in my face, bookmark this post for future laughing in my face etc. etc.!

Soldado photo from
First up, I'd love it if Spurs won the title this year.  They play good football, their manager is good (in both senses of the word, it seems to me!), and it'd just be a change.  If Soldado makes a quick transition from Spanish football to the Prem then I think they'll be challenging for the top three at least; up front is the only area that really let them down last season.  I'm not sure whether Bale stays or leaves will make much difference, as long as (a) it's decided soon, and (b) if he leaves they spend the money sensibly (which they probably will; Spurs don't seem to get diddled in the transfer market very often).
From - Bale back in his Saints days

Being realistic, though, I'll pick Chelsea to win, followed by Man City and then Spurs.  Moyes has been giving 'Oh my word, I'm scared' vibes (as noted by Football365) and Man Utd still look flaky in centre midfield.  But have Arsenal or Liverpool got enough to challenge them?  I'm not convinced, even if Liverpool keep Suarez.  Actually. I reckon Liverpool might be better off without Suarez.  He's a great player, for sure, but when he plays everything goes through him; it seems most of the other players take a metaphorical step back and leave Suarez to work his magic.  I saw a couple of Liverpool's games late last season when Suarez was banned and they were great, full of purpose and creativity.  So I won't weep if he swans off to Madrid or wherever.

Anyway, here's my prediction for the top six:

Man City
[Bit of a gap]
Man Utd

And then...  Southampton for seventh place!  It's a bold prediction, I know, but I really can't see any other team nailed on to finish ahead of the Saints.  Perhaps Swansea; and I'd be happy with that as they play beautiful football and just seem like a nice, likeable club.  West Brom maybe; Norwich have spent quite a lot of money quite well, I think; Everton will struggle at first with Roberto 'My defences are always as leaky as a sieve' Martinez; and who else is there?  So, yes, Saints for seventh.  [Prepares to eat humble pie next Spring]

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