Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Choose to lose

Lent starts today and I've just read what Mike Breen had to say about it on his blog. Read it for yourself to get the full picture, but he wrote about how Jesus, when he was being tempted in the desert, basically faced attacks by way of the appetite, of affirmation and of ambition (yes, a three-word alliteration!). Here's what he says about the last of those attack methods; ambition.

Breen describes ambition as 'an addiction to winning or having to be successful', seeing ourselves as a Failure (capital 'F', because it's who we are!) if we lose, or don't get that promotion, or that raise, or that job, or if that person doesn't want to date me, or if that person beats me at that game.

So how do we break this ungodly way of thinking and behaving? Breen says we should 'choose to lose':

If an argument is going a certain way with your spouse, choose not to have the last word. Lose the argument for the sake of the relationship.

If you’re playing a board game or basketball or any kind of game, make the point of playing to bless your opponent and don’t care whether you win or lose. I’m not saying don’t play hard, I’m saying know when your obsession to win takes over. Change the motivation from winning to blessing.

Go above and beyond at work but don’t let anyone know. Choose to lose the opportunity of that something extra being in the back of your boss’ mind when your annual review has come.

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